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Civil Maintenance Developments (CMD) is specialists in roof maintenance for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Established in 2007 by Dion Wilmans, CMD has created and sustained a formidable reputation as an integrated service provider. CMD presents itself to the maintenance and repairs industry, catering for the commercial, industrial, retail and residential sectors.

We are a level 4 compliant BEE status company and cater to a diverse range of applications and customer requirements.

We aspire to be at the forefront of product and workmanship technology with regard to quality, materials, design, aesthetics and safety.

We are committed to providing service and consulting at competitive prices that add value to the properties of our clients.


Roofing and roof maintenance company. Specialising in waterproofing, roof maintenance, home and factory maintenance and damping and damping repairs.


Establish a competitive market share with extreme quality.


To be an important integrated service provider.


“The bitterness of poor quality will long be remembered after the sweetness of a cheap price.”


CMD has established itself in the roof maintenance and repairs industry, concentrating on factory and domestic roofs. It branched out to factory and home painting and maintenance and successfully has a foothold in the market.

The products we use are of a high standard and approved by the formidable bodies in the industry, i.e. the SABS, CSIR, Waterproofing Association, etc. Products can be viewed at

We pride ourselves in saving customers huge amounts of monies; rejuvenating roofs with service backup and product and workmanship guarantees. All of our work carries a 5 – 8 year guarantee. Our trained and qualified staff works only to parameters set out by CMD and Paintcor. Wall coating training was intensive to acquire and maintain the quality we strive to deliver.

The owner has been using Paintcor’s products since 2004 with no failures. The product is in itself a force to be reckoned with. We back this up with reputable references and total transparency.

At CMD we strive to maintain high quality and safety standards at the most economical price.

Customer care and after sales service have pushed us to the forefront of most roofing companies.

We also consult on new roof design and application.

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